Ticketing FAQ

How do I apply for tickets to this year’s ball?

Applications must be placed online, through the Trinity May Ball website. The ticketing window for receipt of applications from current Members of Trinity College will be one week from noon on Monday the 12th February until noon on Sunday 18th February. The window for general student members of the University of Cambridge will be one week from noon on Monday the 19th February until noon on Sunday 25th February.

I’m really sorry, but due to unforeseen circumstances I was not able to make my application within the allotted time frame. Can I still apply?

No. Unfortunately we do not accept applications outside the allotted time frames.

Do I need to send in payment for my tickets when I make my application?

No. Payment should only be made once your application has been confirmed as being successful. Payment should be made by bank transfer and received into the May Ball bank account within one week of confirmation of success being issued. Failure to meet this condition may lead to your application being cancelled.

IMPORTANT: Bank transfers must only be made for allocated tickets. Bank transfers for ballotted tickets should be made only in the case of success in the ballot, as notified by email.

I would like to transfer my ticket to another member of the University of Cambridge, how can I go about doing this?

The Committee recognises that there may be unforeseeable circumstances that prevent ticketholders from attending the Ball.

The Committee recognises that there may be unforeseeable circumstances that prevent ticketholders from attending the Ball. Internal and external tickets may be transferred to other members of the University of Cambridge from 5th March 2024 to 26th March 2024 and will incur an administrative charge of £35 per guest whose name must be changed. Ticket transfers from 27th March 2024 to 30th April 2024 will still be accepted, but the administrative fee will increase to £45 per guest. Ticket transfers after 30th April will be accepted at the discretion of the ticketing officer. Ticket eligibility conditions apply to all transfers. Where a ticket of a certain class is transferred to an individual who would not have been eligible to purchase the relevant class of ticket at its reduced price, the difference between the prices of these two categories must be paid in full on top of the administrative charge to reflect the change in ticket category.

Alumni double tickets may only be transferred to other Trinity College alumni.

Post-doc tickets are non-transferable.

In order to conduct a transfer, please purchase the relevant ticket transfer product in our store. The transfer will only be registered after all relevant confirmations and payments have been received and cleared. If the ticket includes upgrades, then these must be transferred as well.

Under no circumstances may tickets or guest places be sold for profit. Tickets may only be re-sold at cost price through the transfer arrangements described above. Anyone found in breach of this condition, either having sold tickets or guest places for profit, or attempting to make such a sale, will have all their tickets cancelled without refund, and will be refused admission to the Ball. The sale of tickets must not be advertised to the public beyond the University of Cambridge.

Unforeseen circumstances mean that I cannot attend the ball. May I get a refund for my ticket?

Refunds may be available only under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Senior Treasurer. Applications for refunds must be made in writing to the Senior Treasurer before Sunday 5th May, after which no refund requests can be accepted. Partial refunds of dining and VIP tickets will not be provided. All refunds will entail an administration charge of £50 being levied.

My application was successful. How will tickets be distributed?

Internal ticket holders resident on the Main College Site (Blue Boar, Whewell’s, Great, New, Nevile’s Courts; Pearce and Bishop’s Hostel; Burrell’s Field) will have tickets distributed to their rooms during the week before the Ball. Members of the University belonging to other Cambridge Colleges will have tickets delivered to their respective Porters Lodge during the week before the Ball and will be required to show photographic identification and sign before picking up tickets. Alumni may collect their tickets from the Alumni Relations & Development Office from 9am-5pm on the day of the ball; they should contact the Alumni Relations & Development Office directly should they be unable to collect during this window.

Those not falling into either of these may collect their tickets from the Committee Room by showing photographic identification from 10am to 5pm on dates to be confirmed. Only in exceptional circumstances, and by prior arrangement with the Ticketing Officer, may tickets be collected after this point.

The Ticketing Officer must be notified of any change of address by the 26th of May 2024. The Committee accepts no responsibility for tickets delivered to an incorrect address through lack of notification.

What type of identification will I need in order to enter the ball?

All tickets will be registered by name to the ticketholder (tickets will have printed on them the names of the ticketholder and any guest), and photo identification for the ticketholder will be required to gain entry into the Ball for themselves and any guest. The only acceptable form of identification is a driver’s license, or a passport. Cambridge University cards will not be accepted. Trinity College photographic identification will be required to enter with an internal ticket. Guests must accompany the ticket holder throughout the entire entry procedure and provide valid photographic identification confirming both their identity and that they are over the age of eighteen. Again, the only acceptable form of identification is a drivers’ license, or a passport.

What time is the latest admission to the ball?

No one will be admitted to the Ball after 11pm, unless there are exceptional circumstances that have been discussed in advance with the Ticketing Officer, decided at the Committee’s discretion.

What is the dress code for the Trinity May Ball?

“The only acceptable attire is traditional Black Tie, White Tie or formal national dress. Black tie consists of a dress suit (tuxedo) and a black bow tie. Lounge suits, neckties, and sports blazers are not permitted. Dresses must be appropriate formal evening wear and below the knee; floor-length gowns are typically worn. As we are a ‘Black Tie minimum’ Ball, the dress code will be strictly enforced; those who are not properly attired will not be allowed entry into the ball. Only small bags are permitted. Any sword worn as a part of national dress must be fixed in its sheath.”

I have special dietary requirements and/or allergies. What should I do?

A variety of drink and food will be provided at the Ball, including vegetarian and vegan food. All food and drink venues shall display a detailed allergy statement. Guests with allergies will be responsible for querying allergen information if they are unsure, and for bringing their own EpiPen to the ball, where needed. For additional queries, please contact the Food Officer at [email protected].