Trinity May Ball

17th June 2019. Celebrating 153 years of excellence.


Founding of the Ball

"The Trinity Boat Club May Ball held at the Lion Hotel was a grand success. The only drawback being 'the room', which was certainly too small for such a large and brilliant assemblage... Julien's Band, a handsome supper — what more could be wanted?"



Dating back over a century and a half, the First and Third Trinity Boat Club May Ball has undergone a startlingly dazzling transformation. Interrupted only by the death of a Monarch and World War II, the legacy of a very humble beginning lives on to this day. What was once a low-key celebration with 38 guests in the honour of a successful May Bumps season has now become a world-class affair with approximately 2000 guests.


The 150th Anniversary

A night to remember — our wonderful guests attending the 150th anniversary event partook in a celebration of delightful music, inspiring fireworks and enchanting cuisine. The 152nd anniversary event will participate in this rich tradition.


Internal applications will be accepted for two weeks from 12pm Monday 11th February while external applications will be accepted for one week from 12pm Monday 18th February.

Ticket FAQ Terms

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Dining Ticket

A Dining ticket includes a champagne reception, followed by a lavish five course feast with wine pairings in the unrivalled setting of Trinity’s Great Hall before the Ball.

  • A Lavish Dining Experience
  • Champagne Reception
  • Dinner Entertainment

Standard Ticket

One of the most sought after tickets to be had in May Week. You and a guest will experience Cambridge’s best Ball, an unrivalled showcase of revelry—unlimited food and drink, a stunning fireworks display, and a myriad of entertainments from chart-topping stars to world-class comedians to the finest classical and jazz musicians.

  • Exquisite Entertainment
  • Unparalleled Setting
  • Unmissable Food

VIP Ticket

With the VIP experience, guests enter the Ball an hour before our regular guests to attend a sumptuous champagne reception.

  • Classical Entertainment
  • Champagne Reception
  • Early Access to the Ball

Work at Trinity

Our workers are the backbone of this large scale operation, and we are looking for charismatic and motivated people to join our team. Workers are instrumental in ensuring the smooth running of the Ball and we take pride in treating our staff well

There are a variety of roles available, from general workers to team leaders and managers. So make sure you apply now, whether it’s the first time you’re applying to work at a Ball, or you’re a May Week veteran

Follow the link below to create an account and apply for a position

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The Poster

We have carefully designed an exquisite poster for this year’s ball so you can reminisce the night long after the Ball has come to close. Below you can see a selection of our incredible posters from the year’s gone by. Make sure you grab one of this year’s posters when purchasing your ticket!






Tianyu Wang & Keval Haria

Vice Presidents

Neil Cunningham & Isabel Vallina Garcia

Green Officer

Isabel Vallina Garcia


Mark Burrell


Farzana Huysman


Ewan Robertson & Jack Eastwood


Fiona Garrahan


Andrey Karailiev


Claire Zhang


Paul Warchuk


Rana Mallah


Ben Sehovic

Senior Treasurer

Prof. Hugh Osborn


Raphael Taylor-Davies


Neil Cunningham